Electrostatic Dissipative Table

Electrostatic discharge can damage most sensitive electronics on the market with relative ease. Electrostatic buildup occurs throughout the day from simply touching or brushing up against various materials. By walking across the floor or sitting in various common chairs a charge can be built up to dangerous levels. Some of the more sensitive parts in electronics can be damaged or destroyed by as little as 100 volts placed in the wrong area. The threshold for feeling an electrostatic discharge is approximately 300 volts so the operator may not even know they are zapping the electronics. Working with a grounded surface helps to prevent damage or destruction of sensitive electronics while they are being worked on.

The Electrostatic Dissipative Top (ESD) is applied to our EF Series tables that feature a plywood core that will withstand years of rough handling. They are lightweight, resistant to corner impact breakage and strong enough to support heavy loads under constant use. The applied ESD laminate serves as a grounded surface that helps prevent electrostatic buildup that can damage sensitive electronics. It is an essential must for any environment where static electricity is present.