UpperZone Round/Seminar Table Trucks

UpperZone Seminar and Round Table Trucks feature innovative design, which promotes easy table accessibility and eliminates the chance of damage. Heavy gauge steel construction makes these tables highly durable while neoprene pads protect the housed tables. UpperZone Seminar Table Trucks contain a bed design in conjunction with a padded backstop while the UpperZone Round Table Trucks exhibit a built-in ramp and neoprene rubber covered surfaces where table edges make contact. These elements eliminate the chance of tables slipping off during transport and prevent damage. UpperZone Seminar Table Trucks come in both a wide and narrow model. The wide model provides a greater carrying capacity, while the narrow model is designed to pass through standard, 3’-0” wide doors. UpperZone Round Table Trucks have a compartmentalized storage design with U shaped divider brackets and a built-in ramp for easy loading. Both UpperZone Seminar and Round Table Trucks are furnished with two swivel and two rigid, steel roller bearing casters with 6” diameter x 2” wide, polyolefin wheels for easy rolling on both concrete and carpeted floors. The UpperZone Seminar Table Truck has a load rating of 2800 lbs while the UpperZone Round Table Truck possesses a load rating of 700 lbs. Both the UpperZone Seminar and Round Table Trucks include available towing packages and are forklift capable. 

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